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Here they are, the masterpieces of our chef!


Stimulate your appetite.
  • Veggie Trio
    beetroot & fennel & carrot
  • Blini
    cold smoked reindeer & white fish roe & cep mushroom
    red onion
    sour cream
  • Scallop & Arctic Char
    spruce beer & beetroot
    dill & red currant
  • Elk Tartar
    cep mushroom & egg yolk
    beetroot & gherkin & sour cream
  • Cod Soup
    12.00 / 15.00
    flat bread
  • Parsnip Soup
    12.00 / 15.00
    reindeer & bacon
    flat bread
  • House green salad
  • House flat bread


Taste the magic of Lapland.
  • Pulled Oats Stew
    beam & almond potato
    flat bread
  • Elk Burger
    cranberry & parsnip
    onion & smoked cheese
  • Whole Baked White Fish
    cep mushroom & vegetable
    almond potato
  • Salmon Tournedos
    hollandaise & vegetable
    almond potato & fennel & leek
  • Willow Grouse Stew
    red wine & chanterelle & sour cream
    almond potato & thyme
  • Rack of Lamb
    red wine & blackcurrant
    almond potato & garlic
  • Beef Steak
    red wine & hollandaise
    swede & almond potato
  • Sauteéd Reindeer
    cranberry & gherkin
    almond potato
  • Reindeer Shank
    portwine & red currant
    beetroot & spruce beer
  • Reindeer Sirloin
    carrot & almond potato & garlic
    beer & rosemary


The perfect end to a perfect dinner.
  • Lappish Cheese
    cinnamon & cardamom & cream
    rosemary & cloudberry
  • Cream Bruleé
  • Pancakes
    spruce beer
    vanilla & coconut



  • Viinitie & Maset Flors Blanques Cava Brut Reserva / DO Penedes, Spain
    12cl 7.00, 1/1 43.00
    The fresh and fruity aroma has hints of green grass and white flowers. The dry flavor is multidimensional, balanced and fruity. Lively, elegant and long lasting bubbles.
  • Buon Bosco Prosecco Extra Dry / Veneto, Italy
    12cl 7.00, 1/1 43.00
    The fruity and amazing fresh bubbles represent their characteristic feature structure. The flavor is bubbly and fruity.
  • Filipa Pato 3B Blanc de Blancs / Bairrada, Portugal
    1/1 49.00
    The open scent is fruity and in it can be found especially from green apples. The flavor is dry and rich and follows the scent of the wine.


  • Atréau Brut Premier Cru / Champagne, France
    12cl 12.00, 1/1 75.00
    The scent is fruity with hints of baked apple. The flavor of this champagne is refined and fresh and the moderate intake of sugar gives it a ripe fruitiness.
  • Deutz Brut Classic / Champagne, France
    1/1 85.00
    Beautiful golden color. The scent is floral with toast, marzipan, apple and pear, white hips and citrus. Full-bodied, elegant flavor, with Chardonnay’s freshness and Pinot Noir’s richness. Full-bodied, yet fresh. Soft and mellow fruity long aftertaste.
  • Deutz Rosé Brut / Champagne, France
    1/1 95.00
    Gorgeous old-fashioned pink color that is slightly orange-like. The scent is sweet with red fruits, a touch of rhubarb and exotic fruitiness. The flavor is dry and elegantly powerful. Strawberry, small red berries and a hint of mint.


  • Lundén & Cie Blush Rosé / Rheingau, Germany
    12cl 6.40, 16cl 8.50, 24cl 12.80, 1/1 40.00
    Fresh berry scent with raspberry. A dry touch with the flavor of berries and fresh acidity.
  • Loimer Rosé Zweigelt & Pino Noir / Niederösterreich, Austria
    1/1 45.00
    Fresh and dry fragrance with raspberry. The dry flavor follows the scents rich berriness. Thanks to good acidity the flavor remains pleasingly fresh.


  • Pocas Juníor Coroa d’Ouro Branco / Duoro, Portugal
    12cl 5.60, 16cl 7.45, 24cl 11.20, 1/1 35.00
    A light, refreshingly fruity blend of five droplets, in which scent can distinctly be found the suppressive perfume of Moscatel. The flavor is tasty with tropical fruit such as mango and peach. Elegant acidity awaits with a long aftertaste.
  • Spanier-Gillot Sonnenschiefer Riesling / Rheinhessen, Germany
    12cl 6.40, 16cl 8.55, 24cl 12.80, 1/1 40.00
    The scent includes lemon, green apple and fresh fruit. A dry and clean design with a brisk acidity.
  • Adegas Valmiñor Rías Baixas Davila / Rías Baixas, Spain
    12cl 7.20, 16cl 9.60, 24cl 14.40, 1/1 45.00
    The pungent scent includes grass, green apples and apricots. The dry flavor is rich with medium acidity.
  • Weszeli Langenlois Grüner Veltliner / Kamptal, Austria
    12cl 8.00, 16cl 10.65, 24cl 16.00, 1/1 50.00
    The scent is classic and is distinguished by meiram, mineral citrus and roasted flavorings. The wine has a balanced acidity and is distinguished with the aromas of light fruit.
  • Sancerre Sur le Fort / Loire, France
    1/1 60.00
    The wine is beautiful lemon yellow. A scent of fresh, lemon, accompanied by curd and natural cream feel. The flavor is fruity with gooseberry, straw and thyme.
  • Volxem Alte Reben Riesling / Mosel, Germany
    1/1 70.00
    This delicious, bright and lemon-yellow Riesling wine comes from vines that are over 120 years old. The wine is fresh and clean with fresh grapefruit, orange tones, peach and apricot. The flavor is a great combination of balanced acidity and sweet fruit. A fresh mouth feel with fruits, citrus and a very intense and long after taste.
  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc Xavier / Rhône, France
    1/1 80.00
    The wine is golden oak yellow. The fragrance is a sensual combination of exotic fruit, figs, citrus, peach and flowering. The flavor is sophisticated, full of fruit, elegant minerality and sweet spicyness with ginger. The aftertaste is very aromatic and long, even slightly greasy.


  • Pocas Juníor Coroa d’Ouro Tinto / Duoro, Portugal
    12cl 5.60, 16cl 7.45, 24cl 11.20, 1/1 35.00
    A full bodied winewith ripe fruit and elegant tannins that are soft and well integrated. The flavor is dominated by a balanced acidity and dark fruit.
  • Heinrich Red / Burgenland, Austria
    12cl 6.40, 16cl 8.55, 24cl 12.80, 1/1 40.00
    The medium-bodied fragrance has a mature berry and spiceiness. The flavor is aromatic with spices, but also plum and dark cherry.
  • Rucahue Reserva Pinot Noir / Maule Valley, Chile
    12cl 7.20, 16cl 9.60, 24cl 14.40, 1/1 45.00
    Transparent ruby red. The scent is very multi-dimensional and pleasing, even slightly sweet, with ripe figs and trufles, cherry, raspberries, strawberries and mushroom. The flavor is mellow, soft, rich and very long with a very good texture. A gorgeous and balanced wine.
  • First Drop Full Fat Red / South Australia
    12cl 8.00, 16cl 10.65, 24cl 16.00, 1/1 50.00
    The scent is spicy withhints of cherry. An excellent acid balance supports the full-bodied, spicy taste of the wine, which distinguishes plum and ripe berries.
  • Valpolicella DOC Classico Ripasso Lena di Mezzo / Veneto, Italy
    12cl 8.80, 16cl 11.75, 24cl 17.60, 1/1 55.00
    A ruby-colored wine with perforated developed edges. A scent of spice an, herbs, pepper and cherry blossom. The flavor is long and pleasantly balanced with fruit.
  • Vistalba Corte C / Mendoza, Argentina
    1/1 60.00
    From the intense scent you can distinguish dried fruits and peppermint. In a full and varied flavor can be found fruit and pleasant tannins.
  • Monte Bernardi Chianti Classico Riserva / DOCG Chianti, Italy
    1/1 70.00
    A charming fragrance that distinguishes sour cherry and plum flavors, as well as shimmering oak. A rather mellow flavor follows the scent. Strong but sleek tannins. Long, clean aftertaste.
  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge Xavier / Rhône, France
    1/1 80.00
    Beautifully colored, dark purple red. The scent is fresh and slightly sweet, silky, dark fruit, chocolate and milk coffee. The flavor is full-bodied, sweet and fruity with a long and concentrated after taste.


  • Ceretto Moscato d’Asti / Piemonte, Italy
    8cl 8.00
    The wine has a greenish yellow color and the scent includes fresh grapes and sweet raisins. The flavor of the wine is sweet.
  • Huxelrebe Auslese Bio Lorenz / Rheinhessen, Germany
    8cl 10.00
    Translucent, golden-yellow color. The scent is ripe, full-bodied and fruity, passion fruit, yellow currant and honey. The flavor is brilliantly balanced and noble in honey.
  • Recioto della Valpolicella Valgrande / Veneto, Italy
    8cl 12.00
    Dark ruby red in color. The scent is ripe with dark berries, plum, blackcurrant and herbs. Flavor is mellow with red berries. A mild wine with a typical bitterness in the background.


  • Pocas Junior White Port / Douro, Portugal
    8cl 8.00
    Very refreshing, citrus and tropical flavors of pineapple and banana. Well balanced and refined, smooth with a long lasting finish.
  • Pocas Junior Special Reserve Tawny Port / Douro, Portugal
    8cl 8.00
    The scent includes dried fruit, vanilla and a lot of smoke. Full bodied, long and mature fruity flavor.
  • Pocas Junior LBV Port / Douro, Portugal
    8cl 10.00
    The fragrance has forestberries, flowers and wine leaf. Full-bodied, long and fruity flavor.
  • Pocas Junior Colheita 1995 / Douro, Portugal
    8cl 16.00
    The scent contains vanilla and dried fruit. Sweet and mellow flavor with sweet tannins and long finish.


  • Gutierrez Colosia Jerez Fino / Jerez, Spain
    8cl 8.00
    A fresh scent with green apples and almonds. A dry flavor with apple, pear and a lot of chamomile.
  • Gutierrez Colosia Jerez Oloroso Sangre y Trabajadero / Jerez, Spain
    8cl 10.00
    The oxidative scent has dried fruits such as raisins and figs. Dry consistency. You can distinguish the dried fruit and nuts as well in the flavor.
  • Gutierrez Colosia Jerez Pedro Ximenes / Jerez, Spain
    8cl 12.00
    Rich and sweet, with lots of dates and raisins. Dried figs and candied fruits. Plum jam. Kind of a liquid walnut cake. Hints of honey-coated almonds.


  • Marolo Grappa di Dolcetto / Piemonte, Italy
    4cl 10.00
    A dry quality crayfish made from Albacore Dolcetto grapes.
  • Marolo Grappa di Moscato / Piemonte, Italy
    4cl 10.00
    Grappa made from aromatic Moscato grapes is the perfect choice as a digestive for a heavier meal.
  • Marolo Grappa di Barolo / Piemonte, Italy
    4cl 10.00
    Grappa made from Nebbiolo grapes, aged about four years in small oak trees.


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